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Roller derby referee with whistle in mouth

become an 

Perth Roller Derby welcomes new or experienced officials of all genders to join us in skating or non-skating roles.

Our officials are essential to ensure our games are played safely and fairly. Extensive game knowledge is not required to get started officiating. We provide training and opportunities to get practical experience –  all you need is a willingness to learn!

Roller derby referee pointing at skaters


Roller derby referees call the penalties, count the points, and keep the game under control while on skates (or blades). If you’re new to derby refereeing, our Freshie program is your first port of call to becoming an on-skates official. The program teaches you basic skating skills and how to fall safely. After learning the skating fundamentals, you will be taken under the wing of our senior referees to learn the rules of derby and how to implement them.

 non-skating official

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) play an important role in roller derby and are a great way for those who aren’t so comfy on their skates to get involved. NSOs fill multiple positions within a bout or scrimmage including score-keeping, penalty box timers, penalty trackers, and jam timers. 

Roller derby official with whistle in their mouth and hand in the air
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