PRD Evils Abroad : Highway to Hel-sinki

By September 11, 2019news
West Coast Evils

Perth Roller Derby is taking off to the happiest place on earth – Helsinki, Finland – for the WFTDA European Continental Cup on October 5-6.

It has been a league goal to travel internationally to compete and that was achieved for the first time in 2018 when PRD’s A travel team – the West Coast Evils – travelled to Denver, Colorado for a US tournament.

Following the trip the team received an invite to the 2018 Continental Cup but we were forced to decline due to timing and a lack of funds.

So this year we set our sights on getting an invite to the 2019 Cup and accepting it!

Perth may be one of the most isolated cities in the world but we won’t let that stop us! The Evils have our passports ready and we are so excited to begin our highway to Helsinki.

All of our members put in countless hours of training and volunteering to help self fund our trips across Australia and now overseas.

Please help us to reach our dreams of glory! We want to help out with extra fundraising towards this travel so we created a GoFundMe here: All donations here will go directly to the team.